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Mar 20 at 8:00pm • /s/news

A video shared on the microblogging platform, X, by influencer @dammiedammie has sparked outrage among Nigerians. In the video, a young lady was seen recording an elderly man urinating by the roadside.

@dammiedammie questioned the lady?s actions, labeling them as harassment. In the video, the man noticed the lady recording him and confronted her. The lady denied recording, stating she was waiting for a friend.

However, the man became enraged by her denial and hurled insults at her, challenging her to look at his private parts since she seemed interested in recording him.



@PenTitan opined: "He should have slapped her face before smashing her phone"

@Timmydennyd said: "The urge to always press record. This is one of the evidence they'd use as a reason to regulate social media"

@iamAbiodunAA wrote: "I hope people know this is harassment sha. Yeah, sexual harassment. Why are you stylishly recording someone's private P without his consent ? All in the name of content? ð?¤¦ð?½"â???"

@AlgorithmPrime added: "This girl should be arrested.. what nonsense is this"